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The Art of David Wight

Tsunami Wave Glass Sculpture

David creatively combines his love of the ocean with his passion for glass sculpting.

After studying at Pilchuck Glass School and spending 10 years working with glass and water, he has
 created his own style of glass sculpting. Through his unique process, he allows the glass to have a life of its own,
expressing movement and energy in a way uncommon to traditional glass working.

He lives in his home town of Bellingham, Washington. Surrounded by the Cascade Mountains and the San Juan Islands,
Bellingham offers inspiration to his work as does spending several months of the year in the Hawaiian Islands.

Tsunami Wave  - Size Chart

               Extra Small Turquoise                                             Small Cobalt Blue                                           

                            Extra Small Turquoise                      Baby Wave Cobalt Blue                                  Medium Double Cobalt Blue     


Styles and Colors

Golden Hour Amethyst - Small Tsunami Wave
Actual Gold Dust in the Glass


"Hemisphere" - in Turquoise
Approximate Size 3"h x 5"w x 5"d


Baby Wave
5"H x 4"W x5"D

Extra Small next to Baby Wave

Extra Small "Tsunami" - Cobalt Blue
Approximate Size 9"h x 7"w x 8"d

Small "Tsunami"  - Cobalt Blue
Approximate Size 10"h x 8"w 9"d

Medium Double" Tsunami"  - Turquoise
Approximate Size 11"h x 9"w 10"d


Large "Tsunami"  - Turquoise
Approximate Size 14"h x 11"w 15"d

Also Available in X-Large & XX-Large

Large "Tsunami"  - Cobalt Blue
Approximate Size 14"h x 11"w 15"d

* Also Available in X-Large & XX-Large


Small "Water Dance"- Cobalt Blue
8"h x 12"w x 9"d

Large "Water Dance" - Turquoise
16"h x 14"w x 16"d


Cobalt Blue


Cobalt & Turquoise





New Style! - "The Champagne Wave"
with Tiny Bubbles!
Available in Small , Double or Large.  Colors - Cobalt Blue or Turquoise

"Champagne" Turquoise detail - close up

Small "Champagne" in Turquoise by David Wight
Approximate Size 11"h x 8"w x 9"d

Large "Champagne" in Cobalt Blue by David Wight
Approximate Size 14"h x 11"w x 15"d


"Champagne" Turquoise detail - close up

"Champagne" Blue detail - close up

New!  Introducing "Neptune" with bubbles and "Sunset Tango" without bubbles

"Neptune" by David Wight
15"h x 8"w x 10"d

"Sunset Tango" by David Wight
18"h x 15"w x 18"d

"Neptune" detail - close up


"Neptune" detail - close up

Light Box
 with LED lighting are the best way to display these glass wave creations!

Small Light Box
2"h x 7"w x 7"d

Large Light Box
2"h x 15"w x 12"d

The Light Boxes can either be plugged into a standard wall outlet with the included AC adapter, or run off of 3 AA batteries.  The light source is a high intensity LED,
which is the ideal way to display the waves. Do not use halogen bulbs as the heat can crack glass.


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