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  The Art of Brian Hanna

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Artist Biography


Brian Hanna was born and raised in Portland, Oregon.  Not a traditional artist, Brian attended Oregon State University where in 1994 he obtained a degree
in Construction Engineering Management.  It was in 2012 when Brian decided to combine his love of art, LEGOŽ bricks, and his construction knowledge
to create complex mosaics. Brian examines pop icons and everyday objects in a nostalgic context, using images that inspire an emotional response
from the viewer. Brian is currently working on a number of pieces for his show at Shaffer Fine Art Gallery in July 2019


Artist Collectors
My art is in numerous private and corporate collections including
the Golden State Warriors, the Kuni Family and Virtual Supply INC


Artist Statement


Designing and creating artwork initially began as a therapeutic outlet but over the years has developed into an addictive passion.  
In the past seven years, I have created over 50 pieces, from Babe Ruth to Marilyn Monroe.  The inspiration for each piece can come from
a variety of sources usually a favorite memory of feeling.


I have always been interested in pop culture; music, movies, sports, icons and nostalgia.  It offers a fun escape from the routine of everyday life.
Interesting people trigger in me an inner desire to share their depth. My goal for each piece is to evoke a personal response, usually a smile, but also awe.


LEGOŽ bricks have always been a big part of my life, I played with them extensively as a kid. They have beautiful, bright colors that lend themselves
to interesting and vibrant art. I love the texture, and how they fit neatly into squares.


A perfectionist by nature, each piece begins with a flat photo, but slowly evolves into a three-dimensional, intriguing work of art. The transformation of
bringing each to life is a challenge that I crave. The process starts inside out, beginning at the center of the face; the eyes, nose and mouth.  
It might involve a handful of colors, but usually develops into many layers of tints and shades to ultimately present a one-of-a-kind creation.


I order bricks from around the world and will stop at nothing to find exactly the right colors. Once a piece is complete, it is not uncommon for me to make
adjustments until I find the perfect blend and shape. What I see when I stand back can look completely different to me with the swap of just a few bricks


Many contemporary artists inspire me.  Originally it was Andy Warhol, and then as I expanded my knowledgebase, learned to admire and appreciate
Chuck Close, Shepard Fairey and John Stango’s work.  It’s fascinating to study the nuances of other artists.  I look forward to continuing to
share my creations, inspiring others and being a positive influence in the world of art.


Brian usually draws on his own inspiration for his pieces, but will also take on commissions if you would like something specific designed and constructed.

Call 503-295-4979 or email for more information on these pieces or how to order commissions

Pop Art - 
LEGOŽ Mosaics
By Brian Hanna


"Funknroll" 45 x 45 LEGOŽ Mosaic on Panel

"White Madonna" 45 x 45 LEGOŽ Mosaic


"Diamonds" 45 x 45 LEGOŽ Mosaic

"Nimoy" 30 x 45 LEGOŽ Mosaic


"Heeere's Johnny" 30 x 45 LEGOŽ Mosaic


"Ghost of a Legend" 45 x 45
LEGOŽ Mosaic



"Portland" 60 x 45 LEGOŽ Mosaic

Commissioned by Collector


"Air Jordon" 45 x 45 LEGOŽ Mosaic

"Jay Z" 30x30 LEGOŽ Mosaic


"The Babe" 75 x 75 LEGOŽ Mosaic

"John Lennon" 45 x 45 LEGOŽ Mosaic

"Sabrina" 30 x 45 LEGOŽ Mosaic



"Madonna" 45 x 60 LEGOŽ Mosaic



"David Bowie" 45 x 45 LEGOŽ Mosaic


" Bowie #2" 30 x 45 LEGOŽ Mosaic



"Into The Darkness" 30 x 30
LEGOŽ Mosaic


"The Goat" 45 x 75
LEGOŽ Mosaic


"The Greatest" 60 x 45
LEGOŽ Mosaic

"Jules" 45 x 45 LEGOŽ Mosaic

"Drake" 45 x 45
LEGOŽ Mosaic

"Prince" 45  x 45 LEGOŽ Mosaic


This piece has sold, ask about a commission

"Prince" shown framed in collectors home

"Rihanna" 45  x 45
LEGOŽ Mosaic


"Audrey 2" 30 x 15 LEGOŽ Mosaic
with silver floater frame



"Piggy" 30 x 40 LEGOŽ Mosaic

Commissioned by Collector

"Kermit " 45  x 45 LEGOŽ Mosaic



"Gandolfini " 30 x 15 LEGOŽ Mosaic



"Bob Harris" 30 x 15 LEGOŽ Mosaic
Bill Murrey in What About Bob




"Regal" 45  x 45 LEGOŽ Mosaic

"Marilyn MonroeTower" 60 x 30 LEGOŽ Mosaic

"Clyde" 30 x 45 LEGOŽ Mosaic



"Sterling Archer"  LEGOŽ Mosaic


"Arwen"  LEGOŽ Mosaic
Liv Tyler as Arwen in Lord of the Rings



Portlandia 45 x 45 LEGOŽ Mosaic



"The Joker"  30 x 40
LEGOŽ Mosaic


"The Bubbler" LEGOŽ Mosaic



"Mr Spock" 45 x 45 LEGOŽ Mosaic



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