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             Donnie Wanner


"Art is an on-going journey for me. I still wake in the middle of the night with what ifs. What if the metal was treated this way or that? What if I could come up with a different look that would add more depth, more impact...? I am always searching for more. Never quite content, I am always seeking that next level of beauty in the illusions we call art."- Donnie Wanner

Donnie Wanner is originally from central Oregon. After living in other parts of the country, he has come home to the Pacific Northwest. He has been a self taught, multi-media artist for the past ten years. Creating Sculpture in all types of metal, he has an extensive background in bronze foundry work, mold making, and the art of patination.  After high school, Donnie moved to Florida where he was employed by The Zimmer Motor Car Corporation, a custom car manufacturer. The art of classic automobiles was the first captivating force towards Donnie's artistry. The skills that he learned working led to his passion for creating art in metal.

    Each piece is hand cut with torches and colored with the use of heat, plating, and chemicals; techniques that he has developed and mastered over many years experience. Donnie's goal is to blend design, technique, composition and subject matter together to create a special mood and feeling with each piece of art. He loves chrome, and bronze patinas, which makes his art very unique. His most recent endeavor is the addition of mini bronze sculptures to his wall sculptures. Donnie's greatest desire is to know that others will appreciate his style and love of metal sculptures.

    Donnie Wanner is one of the top artists at Shaffer Fine Art Gallery. We have been representing Donnie for many years, and have fond memories of his early years, when the dreams of artistry were just developing.  We are proud to be representing  such a talented and unique metal artist.

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