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Donnie Wanner

Corporate Installations, Commissioned and
One of a Kind Custom Wall Sculptures

Call us to inquire about how you can order a custom piece.


"High Mountain Morning Custom"

Original design

Here is an example of a custom alteration.

One of our customers liked the sculpture called "High Mountain Morning" but wanted to see more of the lake and a view of Mount Hood
instead of the 3 peaks of Three Sisters. The artist created one just for them, altering the original design by changing the mountain top and
making the lake bigger and down in the front.


Here is an example of a custom addition

One of our customers liked the sculpture called "Snow, Mountain and Trees" but wanted to hang it on a wall that required a piece with little more width. The artist designed an additional  piece to hang on the left side of the main sculpture.  Here you see the original drawing for the customer to approve before he built it.

"Door County Custom"

 Custom Sculpture Commission

This sculpture was created as a one of a kind commission for our clients that had a cabin on a lake in Door County. From photographs the artist recreated their lake front view in metal.


"Ozark Sailboats"

 Custom Sculpture Commission

These sculpture was created as one of a kind commissions for our clients that live in the Osarks. The sculptures now
hang on either side of their brick fireplace.


"Multnomah Falls Commission"

 Custom Corporate Sculpture Commission

Here is an example of some of the larger projects Donnie has completed. This sculpture was installed in a corporate building
in Seattle and as you can see is quite large. Two other sculptures were also added to this building. See the photos below.
They were installed in the arched niches on either sidel

"Opal Falls Commission"

"Mount Rainer Commission"

Custom Logo Signage


Sculpture with added Logo
Here Donnie added a company logo right to the sculpture


"Punch Bowl Falls"
Triptych by Donnie Wanner
Original, One of a Kind Metal Wall Sculpture #1/1
59"H x 81"W x 3.5"D (6"spaces)

Here is an example of a One of a Kind Extra Large sculpture.

Donnie will only do one a year and you will only find it available at an unveiling at his one man show at the gallery.
This one was unveiled at our 2010 Christmas Show for the artist


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